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Together Changing Our Future

Together Changing Our Future

About Homeless Solutions

Homeless Solutions is an organization founded out of desperation by Danie Horn while living on the streets of Tshwane, South Africa. It grew out of an everyday occurrence of seeing human indifference towards the homeless, a blatant irregard for their betterment which inspired him to be the change that he wanted to see!

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Providing a Second chance to life

Rebuilding People

Helping you regain your hope in life by equipping individuals with skills. 

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The homeless community has an untapped potential in the workforce waiting to be unleashed, make use of it and make the world a better place again. For enquiries and to get a quote, please fill in your details in our Contact Us page:

Low angle view of electrician in gloves fixing electrical distribution box


Plumbing Technician Finishing Kitchen Sink Pipeline Installation


Drawing construction plan



General Repairs

Be an individual of change

A Call To Action!

Your contribution can make a change. Connect with us to find out how you can be part of this initiative, be an individual of change! Click on the link below:

Doing much good with wonderful intentions!

Amos Bender
26 January 2020

well organized. Please people donate. They are not supported by SA Gov. Food. wood. steel & cement.

Carol van Vuren
14 August 2018

The LORD is A Provider GO get help find your Way to HOMELESS SOLUTIONS

Gladys Mtsweni
29 May 2017
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