The Process of Entry

You may be wondering, how exactly does the organization function? How does a homeless individual find their way into the program? We would love to explain!

Our organization works hand-in-hand with Social Development, as a result, we have formulated clear and solid rules on how to house and cope with different homeless individuals and various different situations.

In the case of a new individual seeking refuge, the individual would come to us in need of further assistance, after they have stressed their urgency we will hold a meeting with them and discuss a plan of action for the time going forward. They will be notified that the solitude of the organization is only available to them for a period of three months, thereafter they will need to continue their journey outside of the organization so as to make room for another individual who is seeking assistance.

The organization seeks to uphold moral and ethical values which we instill in those who are in our care, we ensure to teach our individuals that trust and respect are two facets of one's character that are earned. We are an organization that believes in giving and reaching out to the local community as part of our ethical core values, so far Homeless Solutions has given out more than 10 000 loaves of bread and plenty of food parcels to the old and in distress individuals on the streets. We have provided a safe haven to a plethora of people in so far as Social Development has applauded our efforts and stated that we fall on a higher area of success rates than most other organizations our size.

You can make a change

We thank you for your time in reading this brief synopsis of our organization and kindly request you to consider helping Homeless Solutions to grow, expand and reach out to those the system has failed. It is with the help of others that we can clean up the streets and get those individuals on them into stable jobs where they can create a life of their own.

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