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Take Action, and enable Homeless Solutions to achieve its deliverables by selecting one or all the wishes listed in the "Wish Book".


It is our goal, to house the the homeless, feed and cloth the less fortunate and provide an enabling environment for economic emancipation for all.


By the help of our community, we can fulfill our Wish Book.


Let us go forward in this battle fortified by conviction that those who labour in the service of a great and good cause will never fail.

The Wish Book

Non-Perishable Food

Food is the central core of our hospitality, we do our best to avail three meals a day to all our beneficiaries, this pattern may sometimes differ to those beneficiaries who have jobs and are working from morning to evening. They sometimes get only two meals a day or even only one meal a day depending on how early they must wake up in the morning to leave for work. Adequate availability of food makes it possible for us to provide lunch boxes for those who are working provided the cooling facilities match the quantity. So at the end of day, our organization is by far the best when it comes to feeding our beneficiaries as most of them leave the place with extended tummies. This service tag is also applied externally to the members of the homeless community, who are not under our hospitality but also come to our door to ask for food. We mostly give out bread as per the availability thereof, sometimes we give out sugary treats for carbohydrates to maintain their energy as most of them are involved in recycling, so they spend most of their day going up and down, and in most cases our gate is along the way, hence they pop in for a treat.

The Wish Book


As a basic human necessity, hygiene is encouraged on a daily basis through a supply of toiletries to our beneficiaries. During their stay with us, we maintain this supply based on the availability of resources and our base resource in this regard is warm water, this is made available by burning wood at the end of each day due to lack of electricity. So the hygiene of our beneficiaries is always on point as we encourage them to take a bath and brush their teeth before they sleep, so every basic item that will enable them to do the obvious, is given to them. This may include amongst other things, a razor blade to handle shaving, and this will have to go hand in hand with an aftershave so that the shaving job can produce visible results. Personal hygiene has to be all inclusive, that is why you are also going to need that haircut, so as an organization, we either give you a haircut ourselves or we provide you with cash to go and have the haircut, and it serves the purpose.

The Wish Book


With this tag, we further extend our hospitality to our beneficiaries by providing them with clean bedding amenities for their rest and comfort after a dutiful day. Each individual has their own bed in acceptably spacious environment, the most beds we have in a room is six leaving enough room for movement. We encourage our beneficiaries to wash their bedding every two weeks as standard, however some items like pillow cases and sheets can be attended within a week. A good night sleep has a beneficial effect to the overall health of an individual, that is why our beneficiaries are pampered with soft warm blankets, and thick duvets because as we receive so we give, we do not hold out the best from our beneficiaries. The moment you lay you head on the pillow, after those long nights on the street pavement, you will know that home is truly where the heart is.

The Wish Book


And now that our beneficiaries have settled in they are going to need to change into clean clothing, that in itself is a logical necessity and since most of them come to our institution without any clean clothing at all, except what they have on themselves, it is our duty as an organization to then supply them with adequate clean clothing for the duration of their stay, and what’s even better is that they get to keep their clothes when they leave. However certain types of clothing are requested to remain behind for purposes of re-usability. This service tag is also applied externally where members of the homeless community, who are not under our hospitality but also come to our door to ask for single clothing items, sometimes it could be a pair of shoes or pants or even a T-shirt, we try to accommodate everyone as possible as we can.

The Wish Book


Bear in mind that our office staff, the people who are making sure the organization is at its optimal performance are not receiving any salaries whatsoever, except for an occasional hand out now and then from people with good hearts. Yes we have given our lives for this cause and are not planning to stop anytime soon, but if one would put themselves in our shoes they would then realize that we do have needs which are more or less identical to yours outside the life within the shelter. Your contribution in this regard will indeed be appreciated as it will the first of its kind since the dawn of Homeless Solutions. We thank you in advance.

The Wish Book


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Doing much good with wonderful intentions!

Amos Bender
26 January 2020

well organized. Please people donate. They are not supported by SA Gov. Food. wood. steel & cement.

Carol van Vuren
14 August 2018

The LORD is A Provider GO get help find your Way to HOMELESS SOLUTIONS

Gladys Mtsweni
29 May 2017

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