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Where it all began

Our Story

Our beginning was one born out of the genuine human experience of difficulties, dangers, and cruelty through living on the streets. It is a story that resonates with the homeless individual who wants to escape this life, get a job, and become part of the greater socio-economic environment once again… but, their chances for this are very slim. Why? A constant cycle of abuse, robbery, violence and addiction that limits their ability to move up the ladder. Beyond this, they also need to deal with police brutality, harsh weather conditions, limited or no food supply, and discrimination from local residents who see them as “pests”.

What we as an organization have found over the course of our investigations into many personal cases with homeless individuals, is that many do not know how to escape the toxic and addictive lifestyle they are thrust into on the streets. By this we mean that many homeless individuals will be exposed to addictive substances during their time on the streets and as a result they will be indoctrinated into a never-ending cycle of seeking the short-lived highs that these substances provide, leaving them to remain in their situation so as to satiate the desires that they feel.

The organization is a house of solitude for many incumbent individuals who are seeking a safe haven, we have this at our wonderful home base that was awarded to us by the town council who believed in the project and wanted to see it flourish. The home is situated at 488 Edmond Street, and it is a place that we are slowly developing into a well-thriving place of safety for all who need. The home was truly a God-send and we are thankful for it each day as it stands as a place of training, developing and nurturing many who simply need a second chance at life. We strive to give a voice to the hopeless, those who many look down on and would never give a second look to. Our philosophy is simple: Develop diamonds out of societies coal!

More about the founder

Danie Horn

Homeless Solutions was an organization founded out of desperation by myself while I was living on the streets of Tshwane, South Africa. It grew out of an everyday occurrence of seeing human indifference towards the homeless, a blatant irregard for their betterment which inspired me to be the change that I wanted to see!


+27 72 255 1000

Meet the Team

Our Staff

Sechaba J. Potse

From the streets of Tshwane, worked as a guard and found my way to Homeless Solutions to be of service to the Homeless Community.
+27 65 843 9050

Gerrie Pretorius

Vise President
Former IT Professional with a humanitarian heart, always instrumental in helping the less fortunate.
+27 82 802 5525

Daphne Tshipepele

Currently an Accountant for a government department, she's fulfilling her humanitarian purpose by offering her services to the organization as an Accounting Officer.
+27 82 294 3940

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